The Prep Parties

It’s all hands on deck for this year's Prep Parties.  At this event, we are laying the groundwork that will allow us to assemble the cars quickly at the final build event.  We gather and organize the supplies we’ll need, and we create the low-tech components that will become part of each car.  No tech skills are necessary for many tasks – although we can always put great techs to work.

Physical therapists check our designs to make sure they suit each child’s specific needs.  Seamstresses help us cut out and sew seat cushions and make seat belts.  Folks from all walks of life help with tasks like wrapping hard, plastic tires with rubber tread, pulling LED lights through plastic tubing and more.

And, of course, while you are helping us do good things for kids, we will be taking good care of you.  Lunch, drinks and snacks will be served.