Build a Car

The heart of the Geeks for Kids event is building cool cars for kids with movement limitations.  We are seeking up to 100 brave techies (individually or in teams) who are prepared to customize toy, electric cars for these kids.  During the kickoff event, we will teach you about the cars, our objectives and the kids we serve. 

Then, you can choose to join the design and build team or just the build team.  The design/build teams help us create plans for cars that fit each kid perfectly.  They also help us make "plug and play components" like wiring harnesses that make the Build Day go smoothly.  Then, all our volunteers gather to build out the cars. 

The Build Event is a blast!  Your child’s family will send a rep to help you tailor your car.  Physical therapists will be on hand to guide you through key decisions.  Hardware and software mentors will be available to pitch in and help as needed.  For two days, we will dive deep into car design and modification. 

Then, on Sunday afternoon, the kids will arrive to test drive their cars.  You will have an hour or so to tweak anything that needs refinement.  Then, the kids are off to race their cars at home, and we hand out awards.  We assure you that you'll feel like a true Super Geek when this event is done!

  • To learn more about the Geeks for Kids program, click here.
  • To learn more about the designing and building a car, click here.

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