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It’s time to rev those engines!  This year's Geeks for Kids cars are rolling off the assembly line, and on June 4th our kids will drive their new cars for the first time.  Come and enjoy the fun!  Better still, if you would like to experience everything firsthand, then sign up to volunteer. It will take 50+ good-hearted souls to make this event a success, and we would love to have your help!

The Details

Join us for the Geeks for Kids Delivery Day Celebration. We will say our thanks to you and all the other volunteers and sponsors who’ve made this year possible. Then, we will do a final fitting for each child and send the kids out to take a few loops around the track. There will be cookies, ice cream, drinks, music, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, balloons and lots of fun.

  • Date:  June 4
  • Time:
    • Volunteers: 11a to 5:30p
    • Guests: 1 to 5p
  • Location:  Porsche Kansas City, 9400 W 65th St, Merriam, KS 66203
  • What to Bring:  Sometimes our families think that their child’s new car will fit in their vehicle, but it doesn’t. We may need help getting those cars delivered.  If you are willing to help our recipients transport their cars and you have a large vehicle (like a minivan or pickup truck), please bring it.

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