The Cost of Geeks for Kids

We build cars for kids who have already faced huge challenges in their short lives – kids who were born with spina bifida or chromosomal disorders, kids who have been in serious accidents.  We want to make their lives easier and better; so, we give each child his or her car as a gift.  Their families pay nothing.  We ask only that each family send at least one family member to the build events so that they can help us tune the cars to their child’s needs.

That means we must raise all the funds necessary to build these cars.  The base cars for Geeks for Kids cost between $300 and $500 each.  And, of course, the cars require additional parts like servos, batteries, controllers, joysticks and more.  In addition, Geeks for Kids events require meeting space, tools and training materials.  And, we provide food and drinks to fuel our volunteers.  In total, the cost is approximately $1,500 per car.  

Get these kids moving today!