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LEARN is a small nonprofit with a big dream - to empower as many kids with movement disabilities as possible. We can only realize this dream with your help. If each of us reaches out to others, we can build momentum and make amazing things happen. Help us build this momentum.

Fast Facts

There are so many reasons to join the Geeks for Kids campaign.  Here are just a few.

Our Mission

​At Geeks for Kids, a variety of experts pitch in to modify electric, toy cars so that little kids with mobility challenges can play with others and explore their environment on their own.

The Driving Force

Over 500,000 American kids under the age of five have mobility problems, and few have access to devices that give them free movement.  Children who cannot move about as other kids do suffer “an exploration gap.”  When they cannot explore their world on their own, they suffer socially, intellectually and physically.

Last Year's Build

  • 9 months
  • 42 strategy, design, build and delivery sessions
  • 94 builders
  • 6 corporate sponsors plus dozens of individual donors
  • Over 6,700 labor hours
  • Over $23,000 
  • 18 cars
    • 9 hand-driven cars for kids with lower-body movement disabilities
    • 2 joystick-driven cars for kids with limited upper and lower body strength
    • 5 joystick-driven and remote-control driven cars
  • 2 steering-assisted and remote-control driven cars
  • Endless joy and new opportunities for our kids