The High-Tech Build

On the High-Tech Build Day, we create the tech that will soon get our kids moving.  We put together wiring harnesses.  We build custom drive systems that make it possible for kids to drive using only their hands, or their feet, or just with a flick of the finger or the press of a cheek.  We modify steering assemblies and ready safety systems for installation.  We write and test software that allows some of the cars to be driven by remote control and other specialty functions.

We will also continue the work we began at the Prep Party.  Physical therapists will check our designs to make sure they suit each child’s specific needs.  Seamstresses will help us cut out and sew seat cushions and make seat belts.  Folks from all walks of life help with tasks like wrapping hard, plastic tires with rubber tread, pulling LED lights through plastic tubing and more.

And, of course, while you are helping us do good things for kids, we will be taking good care of you.  Lunch, drinks and snacks will be served.