Geeks for Kids Benefits

When you get involved in Geeks for Kids, you empower kids with mobility limitations to move, play and explore independently – perhaps for the first time in their lives.  We can promise you no greater benefit than the joy that you will give and the joy you will receive when you participate in Geeks for Kids.  Delivering the cars we build is better than the best Christmas morning.  As the kids drive their cars for the first time, they glow.  Their parents cry.  And, all of us - the sponsors, donors and volunteers - feel like we have done something that really matters.

In the process, you build cool cars, enrich your resume and build your skills.  Better yet, if you come with co-workers and/or friends, you will build happy memories and strong ties.  It’s a win-win for all involved.  

Help Kids

Over 500,000 American kids under the age of five have mobility issues, and few have access to devices that give them free movement. Most insurance programs only provide electric wheelchairs for school-aged kids, and few parents can afford to buy them on their own. Electric wheelchairs cost approximately $17,000 each. This lack of independent movement severely limits younger kids’ interactions with their environment and with other kids.

Geeks for Kids changes the way these kids experience their world.  We give the kids a chance to move about and explore freely – not experience life as passive observers from strollers and wheelchairs.  It also gives these kids a vehicle that excites and engages their peers and encourages them to play together. 

Build Cool Cars

In 2019, we will build custom cars for as many kids with mobility challenges as we can.  It all depends on how much money we can raise, how many volunteers pitch in and how many families ask for cars. 

The kids’ challenges vary. Some cannot walk. Others can stand and even walk with crutches or other aids. Some cannot use their hands effectively or at all. Some can only move their heads and necks. Our goal is to customize a car for each child’s specific needs.

Building these cars is an ultra-cool tech challenge.  Our design team chooses an off-the-shelf toy, electric car.  Then, they design modifications that make one of these cars work for each kid we “adopt” – stripping them down and building them up with the coolest and must functional tech they can imagine to make it easy for each kid to move, learn and play. 

To learn more about how we built our first car, read:  Colson’s story.

Build Your Team

Some folks sign up to volunteer for Geeks for Kids on their own.  Others come as a team from their offices, their schools, churches or clubs.  Either way, we are thrilled!  Still, we think teams have more fun.

What better way to build your team’s spirit than send them out to work together to improve a kid’s life?  Geeks for Kids will get your teams thinking outside the box, working together and striving for the thrill of victory.  Sure, the jocks have the Olympics and Corporate Challenge, but your team will build the tech that could one day save the world…or, at least, make a huge difference in kids’ lives.