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Students, have you ever wanted to make the world a better place?  To invent cool stuff?  To put your mad design and engineering skills to good use, or learn some great new skills?  To help other kids?  This is your chance!

Invent for Good is a daughter program of Geeks for Kids.  In this  program, middle school through college students work in teams with our pros to design cool tech for kids with movement limitations. The 2020-2021 school year was Invent for Good’s first year. Teams focused on designing and prototyping tech that kids and parents have requested we add to our Geeks for Kids cars.

In 2020-2021, seven teams participated. These teams included:

  • 5 teams from Pitt State University
  • 1 team from Basehor-Linwood High School
  • And, our own high school robotics team, The Red Hot Techie Peppers

These teams developed new drive systems, researched and tested batteries, designed ping pong ball shooters and Airzookas to attach to our kids’ cars, and much more. In the year ahead, we hope to welcome more teams to Invent for Good.  And the challenges promise to be even more exciting.  Teams have already asked to work on challenges like Eye-Gaze-Driven Cars, a new base chassis for our Next Gen Car and more.

Join the team – and give other kids the #Power2Play! This year, we plan to do even more to empower kids with movement limitations.  We will build more cars than ever before, and we will add exciting new features.  The professional engineers, programmers and business people on our Design Team and our Advisory Board will guide you along the way. You will learn and create alongside our pros.

How to Get Involved

Form a team of your own or join our team. Teams range from 3 to 12 people and between the ages of 12 to 21 years.  Of course, if you are forming your own team, you will need at least one adult mentor.  If you would like to join our team, our mentors are ready to guide you!  (Our team meets every Monday and Thursday evening from 5:30 to 8:30p, though some students only attend one session per week.) Just click the button at right, and we will send you all the details.

How It Works

Once you sign on - either as a new team or as a member of our team - we will introduce you to the kids we serve, teach you about what we build and then offer you a range of exciting challenges to tackle. You choose!  Then, you spend a semester or a school year designing and prototyping your new project.  We will meet regularly for design reviews and additional training. Finally, at the end, you will present your work to our Design Team. If your design is ready to test drive, we will incorporate it into the next generation of our cars. And, of course, you can pitch in and help build the many cars rolling off our line.  You are also invited to join us for any or all of the Big Build Events and Delivery Day.  Participating in Invent for Good will be the most rewarding thing you've done!