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LEARN is a small nonprofit with a big dream - to empower as many kids with movement limitations as possible.  We don’t have the human-power to make that happen on our own.  (Besides, we are geeks; we don’t do social media all that well!)   We can only fulfill our kids’ dreams with your help to build momentum.  Share our story and make amazing things happen.  

Fast Facts

There are so many reasons to join the Geeks for Kids campaign.  Here are just a few.

Our Mission

At Geeks for Kids, a variety of experts pitch in to modify electric, toy cars so that little kids with mobility challenges can play with others and explore their environment on their own.  

The Driving Force

Over 500,000 American kids under the age of five have mobility problems, and few have access to devices that give them free movement.  Children who cannot move about as other kids do suffer “an exploration gap.”  When they cannot explore their world on their own, they suffer socially, intellectually and physically. 

Our Solution

We build custom, electric cars that empower kids with movement limitations to get racing.  Every car is a gift – given at no cost to the kids and their families.

To date, we have built 95 cars.   This year, we are striving to build up to 50 more.  

Of course, these cars bring fun and joy to our kids’ lives, but our cars do so much more.  Research shows their interaction these cars advance the kids’ developmental, physical, social, language and cognitive skills.  

Last Year’s Build

  • 11 months
  • 200 strategy, design, build and delivery sessions
  • 106 volunteers
  • 8 Invent for Good teams, working on new features
  • 18 corporate sponsors plus dozens of individual donors
  • Over 10,700 labor hours
  • Over $76,815 
  • 37 kids received the #Power2Play

How to Help

Spread the news!  Share the following with anyone who might be interested.  The more people and companies we reach, the greater our impact.

The following sample messages may make it easier for you to share Geeks for Kids news.  Just copy the a sample message, click on the social media icons at the bottom of this page and paste; then, add your own thoughts.  Below, you will also find e Geeks for Kids brochures if you would like to attach them.  

Thanks for helping our kids! 

Sample Messages

Ask Others to Sponsor

Geeks for Kids, which builds cool, electric cars for kids with movement limitations, is a great way to serve our community.  Get kids of all abilities moving and growing!  Learn more about sponsoring Geeks for Kids today.  Visit:

Invite Friends to Get Involved 

Geeks for Kids builds cool, electric cars for kids with movement disabilities.  And, you can help!  The Geeks for Kids team needs folks with lots of different skills to make kids’ dreams come true.  Learn more how you can make a difference.  Visit:

Share the News with The Media

Geeks for Kids has been building customized, electric cars for kids with movement limitations since 2016.  Hundreds of professionals plus college and high school roboticists come together to design and build the cars and then gift them to kids who need them.  Build events run from March through May, and the cars are delivered in June.  Learn more at:

Suggest Someone Apply for A Car 

Geeks for Kids is building electric cars for kids with movement limitations.  If your child would benefit from a customized hot rod, apply today.  There is no cost.  Geeks for Kids gifts them to each child.  Learn more about the program and how to apply by visiting:

Brochures to Share