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The Huff Group

The Huff Group

The Huff Realty Group led our Sponsor Drive in 2020, making it possible for us to build 29 cars that season.

Team Chargers

Team Chargers

Team Chargers, a robotics team from Olathe, spurred their community to donate generously in 2018 and 2019.

Sponsorships & Donations

Your Contributions Make It Possible for Us to Get Kids Racing!

It takes a village – maybe even a small city – to fulfill our mission to build as many customized, electric cars for kids with mobility limitations as we can.  We are calling corporate sponsors and individual donors – as well as hundreds of volunteers – to rise to the challenge.  To build great cars that empower lots of little kids, we need you!

Light a Spark in a Kid’s Life – Join in the Build!

Lead the Charge!
Join Our Leadership Team

From Planning to Design to Building, Our Super Geeks Make It Happen!

Stuck on the Sidelines?

We Can Get Your Child Racing!

If your child has movement limitations, we are here to help!  We would be delighted to build a custom, electric car for him or her.  The cars are free.  Each year, we build as many cars as we can raise funds to build.  Our process is first come, first served.  So, sign up today!


Apply Today!

What Are the Criteria for Receiving a Car?

What Are the Criteria for Receiving a Car?

We want every child who needs a car to have one.  So, there are only two requirements:  We will help any child with mobility issues, provided we can figure out a way to meet his/her needs.  And, he or she needs to fit into our cars.  Our kids usually range from 1 to 10 years of age and up to 80 pounds. 

Help Us...

Spread the News

LEARN is a small nonprofit with a big dream - to empower as many kids with movement limitations as possible.  We don’t have the human-power to make that happen on our own.  (Besides, we are geeks; we don’t do social media all that well!)   We can only fulfill our kids’ dreams with your help to build momentum.  Share our story and make amazing things happen.