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About Geeks for Kids

Are you proud to say that your brain is bigger than a body builder’s bicep?  That you can count in binary?  You dream in code?  You’d like to build tech to rule the world?  Then, it’s time to GET YOUR GEEK ON!   

Not a geek?   Whatever your skills – from physical and occupational therapy, sewing, design, project management or just willing a hand – we need your help, too!  It takes a village to build these cars.

The Geeks for Kids challenge gives you a chance to put your skills to good use, building hot rods for kids with movement disabilities.  There are lots of ways to plug in!  Jump into the Parts Prep Party, the High-Tech Build Day and/or the Car Assembly Day.  And, you won’t want to miss The Test Drive (where we invite the under-ten crowd to put our cars through their paces before we hand them off to their new owners) nor Delivery Day where the kids and their families receive their cars.  Each of these events is a rollicking good time for all, and together they result in incredibly happy kids and families.