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1st Car Produced in 2017
1st Car Produced in 2017
1st Car Produced in 2017
1st Car Produced in 2017
Geeks for Kids

Get Kids with Movement Limitations Racing

We build custom, electric cars for kids who cannot get around on their own. Our kids’ challenges vary. Some cannot walk. Others can stand and even walk with crutches or other aids, but still have trouble keeping up with their typically-developing peers. Some cannot use their hands effectively or at all. Some can only move their heads and necks. We customize a car for each child’s specific needs.
Our cars open the world for our kids, giving them the power to explore on their own.

Production Thru 2023

206 +
Empowered Kids
1151 +
Excited Volunteers
75700 +
Labor Hours

Hundreds of thousands of American kids cannot move easily. That’s hard! Worse, babies and kids who cannot move about as other kids do suffer “an exploration gap.” When they cannot explore their world on their own, they suffer socially, intellectually and physically. Together, we can change that!

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