Geeks for Kids Schedule

There are six, exciting events from which to choose if you want to get involved in Geeks for Kids.  They 
are all a blast and essential for making Geeks for Kids a success.  Join us for all of them, or just for those that suit your schedule and interests.

Click on the following to learn about each of these events:

  • The Prep PartiesSaturdays from 9a to 1p, February 22, March 21, April 4 and April 25 – Calling all techies, therapists, seamstresses, project managers and good-hearted souls!  These events are for you; with so much to prepare for the big builds to come, we need all hands on deck!
  • The High-Tech BuildsSaturdays from 12 to 4:30p, February 15, March 21, April 4 and April 25– These events are tech bonanzas with lots of mind-bending tech puzzles to solve and projects to build; these projects include creating wiring harnesses, installing electronics and advanced control systems, implementing sound systems, and more.  If you’re an engineer, roboticist, programmer, mechanic or student techie, this event is for you.
  • The Car Assembly Event Saturday, May 9 – This event requires both high-tech and nontechnical skills.  Come one, come all as we put this year’s cars together.
  • Delivery DaySaturday, May 23 – This event is for everyone – volunteers, recipients and their families and the public.  We will deliver the cars to the kids and celebrate all that we’ve accomplished.