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This year, like every year, our all-volunteer team set out to build custom cars for as many kids with mobility challenges as we can.  It always depends on how much money we can raise, how many volunteers pitch in and how many families ask for cars.   Our goal for this year is to build up to 36 cars this year – as many as in all the past years combined.

Our Normal Schedule

A job this huge takes a village.  To build custom cars for kids with movement limitations, Geeks for Kids needs 200+ people with lots of different skills including:

  • Professional, college and high school engineers and roboticists
  • Programmers 
  • Mechanics
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Designers 
  • Seamstresses 
  • Project managers
  • Marketers and social media mavens
  • Sponsors and donors

Usually, we host six build events each year, and volunteers pour in to get our kids racing.  

This Year’s COVID Schedule

This year, however, COVID has us on the ropes.  It shut down all but one of our big builds and cancelled all of our fundraisers.  It struck seven of our twelve team leaders.  Work slowed to a crawl in early March.

But, we’re not letting COVID stop us!!  We will deliver a car to every kid on our list.

What We Are Doing to Battle thru COVID & Keep Building Cars

The good news is that the Geeks for Kids team continued to move forward by working at home.

  • Our engineering team printed 3D parts.
  • They continued to design new features.
  • And, they assembled wiring and electronics subsystems. 
  • Our seamstresses worked on seat cushions, side rail covers, and body supports. 
  • Some of us even took cars home.

Starting May 18, our Design Team will return to our workshop in small groups to resume the build.  We are taking every precaution to keep them safe.  When we are confident that COVID infections are waning and our safety protocols are working well, we will open the build to additional volunteers.  Until then, there are lots of ways you can still help.

In sum, our kids need you!