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As the pandemic drags on, LEARN and its Geeks for Kids program has adapted our schedule and build approach to protect everyone involved in our programs as much as possible. In March of 2020, we cancelled all of our classes, camps and competitive robotics programs. These continue to be on hold until it is safe for us to host large, public events.

Our Geeks for Kids program is the exception. While we canceled most fundraising events and public presentations, we continued to host Build Events and Delivery Days because our recipients need mobility now. Their brains and muscles are growing every day, and the longer they wait to get moving, the more they suffer physically, intellectually and socially.

We never forget, however, that our kids are amongst the most vulnerable to illness. Not only are they - for now - ineligible to receive COVID vaccines. They are also fragile. Even before COVID, our kids were often in the hospital.

To protect our kids, their families and our volunteers, we have adopted public health experts’ recommended safeguards. We limit the size of our events to allow for social distancing. We ask everyone who attends our events to wear masks. We hold events outside whenever possible, and we provide masks and hand sanitizer to those who need them. We will continue to be as careful as we possibly can, and we will continue to hope and pray - along with everyone else - that COVID soon passes.