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Our Mission

To Bring Joy & Possibility to Our Kids’ Lives

The Geeks for Kids mission is:

  • To give kids with movement limitations the freedom to experience their world.
  • To help them explore, learn and grow.
  • To empower the high school and college engineering students who help build these cars to invent and build real, life-changing solutions.
  • And, to bring the community together to do good things for kids.z

Our Kids

No one – much less a child – should be stuck inside a body that won’t move.  And, when you meet our kids – our funny, determined, irrepressible, joyous kids – you will be just as determined as we are to get them racing.

Our Cars

We Design Cars that Meet Our Kids' Many Different Needs

Our Cars

Cost an Average of $3,175 per Car to Build

The cost of our cars depends on who you ask.  The cars cost us an average of $3,175 to build.  The cost to our recipient families is zero.  Whatever the cost, the return on investment is huge; the cars give our kids freedom and endless joy.

Go Button-Driven Car
An Advanced-Drive Car

The Return: Freedom & Endless Joy

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