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Wheels & Wishes

To our team – and we hope soon for you too – Delivery Days are like the best birthday morning ever!  More than 500 people - recipient families, volunteers and guests - come together to celebrate as our kids receive the #Power2Play.  We set up a play area and a racetrack, do a final fitting for each child, and then send the kids out to take a few loops around the track.

Now, you can experience the joy from the air-conditioned comfort of our VIP viewing boxes in Porsche Kansas City's showroom.  When you see our kids' delight, you'll know why our team volunteers so much of their free time to give these kids the freedom to explore, learn and grow.

What's on the Agenda

  • 4p
    • Drop your car off with our valet.
    • Grab an ale, wine, beer or "Geekster" cocktail from our open bar.
    • Join the Watch Party in our VIP boxes which overlook the Delivery Day floor.
    • Get the inside scoop on what's happening from our tour guides.
  • 4:30p
    • Enjoy the Summer Picnic Buffet from Lon Lane's Inspired Occasions.
    • Listen to live music by the Philharmonic's Jazz Quartet.
    • Tour our Car Design Studio.
    • Continue to enjoy the Watch Party.
  • 5p
    • Join in the Geeks for Kids' Scavenger Hunt and win some geeky prizes.
    • Take a Behind-the-Scenes Delivery Day tour (for Platinum, Gold & Silver sponsors only).
  • 5:30p
    • Watch the premiere of "Why Invent for Good," and hear from our recipients, families, students and volunteers.
    • Learn what we accomplished this year and what comes next from LEARN's founder.
  • 6p
    • Participate in our Fund-A-Need auction.
    • Enjoy more great food, drink and music.

While you are enjoying the food, drink and the stories of all those who benefit from Geeks for Kids, you'll know that you're making a difference.  You are giving kids who can't get around on their own the gift of freedom.

Give kids with movement limitations the #Power2Play by registering today. 

Registration now closed!

If you can't attend but still want to help, you can.  It's easy!  You can donate instead.


Why Your Participation Matters

A custom, electric car means freedom, growth and connection for our kids. Though our kids' challenges vary - some cannot walk, use their hands/arms or move from the neck down - but they all share one thing: they want to just be kids - to race around and play. With your help, we can give every kid the #Power2Play.

Cars cost an average of $3,175, but there is no cost to the kids and their families.  Because we are producing more cars than ever and the demand just keeps growing, we need to raise over $500,000 to finish and deliver all this season's cars and lay the groundwork for the next Build season which begins July 1.

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and get our kids across the finish line this spring! 96,000 Missouri and Kansas kids have disabilities, according to a 2012 study from Child Trends. Together, we can give those with movement limitations the #Power2Play!

Want to have an even bigger impact?  Dozens of kids in need are lined up and waiting to roll.  You can help get them racing, and it's easy!  Geeks for Kids offers two levels of sponsorships - Program and Event sponsorships.  Both make Geeks for Kids and Invent for Good possible.  Plus, there are lots of benefits for you.

Program Sponsors

Program sponsors might be better called "program partners."  They not only turbocharge our programs with higher levels of financial and volunteer support; they often play a significant role in program design, development and delivery.  Partners have a huge impact on the kids and on the communities we serve; so, we strive to make the benefits to our partners great too.  (To learn more about Program Sponsors' benefits, visit:  our Sponsor page.)

Program Sponsor Options


Click on the following link, and a member of our management team will give you a call to answer any questions you have.  We look forward to working with you to give even more kids with movement limitations the #Power2Play!

Contact Us

Event Sponsors

Event sponsors provide the funding and sometimes the volunteers that make major events, like Wheels & Wishes, successful.  Event sponsors generally have a big presence at Wheels & Wishes, but may or may not participate in Geeks for Kids throughout the year.

Event Sponsor Options


Click on the following link, and a member of our management team will give you a call to answer any questions you have.  We look forward to working with you to give even more kids with movement limitations the #Power2Play!

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A Special Thank You to Porsche Kansas City

We want to give a special shout-out to our Delivery Day KC and Wheels & Wishes host, Porsche Kansas City, and their amazing Director of Marketing, Robert Hellweg.  For years, they have made our partnership sing!  This year, for the 1st ever Wheels & Wishes, they are providing the venue, food, drinks and valet service for this event.  Porsche Kansas City and Robert - thank you for making these wonderful events look easy!

Give Kids Like Viv a Hot Rod!

Vivian received the #Power2Play!There are 500,000 American kids under the age of 5 with movement limitations - kids like Vivian.  Viv was two years old when we met her; she was a happy, healthy baby, doing all the things she should be doing, when she suddenly started losing motor skills.  Soon, her parents learned that she has a degenerative condition that robbed her of the ability to walk, talk, etc.  Having her own car gave Viv the freedom to explore on her own.  Watch this video to see Viv at play.