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When we began building cars for kids with movement limitations in 2017, we set out to create a set of solutions that would allow us to quickly tailor a car to many different needs.  And, that is what we have done.

We began by building our cars on an off-the-shelf, toy car:  Fisher Price Power Wheels Dune Racer.  This provides us with a sound foundation and allows us to focus our time and skill on creating special adaptations for our kids.  We have perfected a set of features that meet a wide range of special needs.

We designed these features to be modular; so, that we can easily swap them in and out based on each child’s specific needs.  These modules include a variety of drive control systems and safety features.

Drive Systems

Today, we offer four drive systems.

  • Standard Steering with a "Go Button" - The first is a standard-steering system with a Go button.  Designed for kids with good upper body strength and dexterity, Go Button-drive cars replace the “gas pedal” with a simple button under the child’s dominant thumb. 
  • Joystick-Driven - For kids with limited upper body strength and dexterity, we switch to a joystick-driven system.  These joystick systems feature small, easy-to-operate joystick drive that start and stop car with the lightest push.
  • Control Panel-Driven - For kids with little upper body strength and manual dexterity and/or for those whose control comes and goes, we offer button-driven cars.  If the child can slap or lean on a button with some consistency, s/he can drive with these.
  • Head Control-Driven - For kids with little ability to move their body, but significant control over their heads, we offer our head control-driven system.  Optical sensors track and respond to the child's head movement.
  • Remote Control-Driven - We can couple any of the drive systems with a remote-control system.  These parent-assisted-remote controls offer familiar, RC-style controls, and they can control cars at up to 100’.  A remote-control system allows the child to drive when s/he is able and parents to override the child’s controls when needed.

Safety & Comfort Systems

We also build our cars with a variety of seating and safety options, including:

  • Padded seat cushions
  • Integrated roll bars
  • Multi-point harnesses in a variety of configurations including a supportive vest
  • Saddle horns
  • And, head supports
  • In addition, we offer the following features – some on every car and others as needed:
    • Kill Switches
    • High-Visibility LED Lights
    • Rear-View Mirrors
    • Rubber-Wrapped Wheels
    • Sunshade
    • Voltmeters
    • Extra Batteries
    • Storage “Trunks” for Remotes
    • Personalized License Plates

Other Adaptations

Of course, kids come in every day with new challenges.  We do not have an “off-the-shelf” solution for every problem, and that is not a problem.  Our Design Team stands ready to create new when need arises.  In fact, most of the solutions listed above were crafted in just such situations.  So, don’t worry if you have a child who needs something that is not on our list of features.  We will work with you to find a solution.

Coming Soon!  Our Next Generation Car

This year, we will prototype our first, made-from-scratch vehicle that will allow us to serve older and taller kids, and it will allow our kids to drive their new vehicles indoors as well as outdoors.  This new design:

  • Will accommodate kids up to at least 100 lbs. in weight
  • And, up to 60" in height
  • Feature an open front to allow for longer legs
  • Will travel over uneven surfaces

We hope to have a prototype ready for testing and patenting in late spring of 2021 and start building and delivering this vehicle the following year.