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Each year, Geeks for Kids builds custom cars for kids with movement disabilities; these cars are gifts to the kids and their families; they pay nothing.

With your support, these kids can grow and learn by exploring their world.  Whether through monetary gifts, in-kind donations or volunteering, corporate sponsors like you make Geeks for Kids – as well as all of LEARN’s other programs – possible.  Sponsorships cover the cost of the cars, the parts, the facility usage and other event costs like t-shirts, meals and awards.

By sponsoring Geeks for Kids, you position your firm as a community leader and a great place to work – especially for super geeks.  And, 100% of the money raised helps kids.

Sponsorship Programs

Geeks for Kids offers two levels of sponsorships - Program and Event sponsorships.  Both make Geeks for Kids and Invent for Good possible.

Program Sponsors

Program sponsors might be better called "program partners."  They not only turbocharge our programs with higher levels of financial and volunteer support; they often play a significant role in program design, development and delivery.  The impact partners have on the kids we serve and on the community are huge, and the benefits to our partners are commensurate.  These include the opportunity to:

Build Strong Teams

Strengthen your teams through volunteer projects that put their technical and business skills to meaning-filled use.  Your volunteers can:

  • Staff Delivery Day – Help us host the biggest day of Geeks for Kids year, when we deliver cars to all the kids who have been waiting to receive the gift of independent mobility
  • Build custom electric cars – Volunteer at one-day Build events and empower kids with movement limitations to explore, learn and grow while working as a team
  • Hold Private Build Events – Gather a diverse group of your team members to do good while getting to know one another better
  • Join The Geeks for Kids’ Design Team and create the next wave of mobility toys and other assistive devices 
  • Join our The Geeks for Kids’ Leadership Board to define and execute the business strategies needed to serve more kids, meet more of their needs, and expand Geeks for Kids and Invent for Good regionally and nationally

Grow Your Talent Pool

Foster new generations of engineers, inventors, programmers, marketers, writers and other professionals through rich, real-life STEM projects.  Your company and team members can:

  • Host an Invent for Good kickoff – Help write and deliver the curriculum that will inspire and guide each year’s Invent for Good teams.
  • Mentor middle-school through college teams – Through our Invent for Good program, help students design and prototype better solutions for kids with movement limitations
  • Judge the teams’ inventions – Encourage, guide and reward the next generation of inventors.

Boost Your Brand

Expand your reputation for smart, purposeful, technical solutions while doing good.  Through Geeks for Kid and Invent for Good, you will not only build strong ties to qualified and dedicated future employees, you will also give kids with movement limitations the #Power2Play.  There is nothing more beautiful or newsworthy than that.

  • Brand promotion – Place your brand on every piece of collateral we print, email or post.
  • Joint public relations and marketing – Spread the news of your hard work through newspapers, magazines, TV and social media.

Learn More

Since every program partner is unique, no two partnerships are alike.  Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a partnership to suit your company's needs.  Just click on the Learn More link at right, and one of our Board members will follow up with you immediately.

Delivery Day Sponsors

Event sponsors provide the funding and sometimes the volunteers that make major events, like the Geeks for Kids Delivery Day, successful.

Platinum Sponsors

  • The opportunity to host the Car Delivery Day event
  • Corporate information table
  • Your company’s name on the gift certificate given to each child with their car
  • Your logo on all printed event materials including registration tables and invitations, press releases and event collateral
  • 15 Geeks for Kids t-shirts for your team members
  • Recognition on our website and in closing ceremonies
  • $50,000/sponsor

Gold Sponsors

  • The opportunity to host The Test Drive
  • Your company’s name on the gift certificate given to each child with their car
  • Your logo on all printed event materials including registration tables and invitations, press releases and event collateral
  • 10 Geeks for Kids t-shirts for your team members
  • Recognition on our website and in closing ceremonies
  • $25,000/sponsor

Silver Sponsors

  • Your logo on all printed event materials including registration tables and invitations, press releases and event collateral
  • Sponsors recognized on our website and in closing ceremonies
  • $10,000/sponsor

Bronze Sponsors

  • Banners hung on dais and registration tables
  • Sponsors recognized on our website and in closing ceremonies
  • $2,500/sponsor

Supplies Sponsors

  • Sponsors recognized on our website and in closing ceremonies
  • Donated product labeled with sponsor’s name

Our Current Sponsors

The following companies have provided corporate sponsorships to Geeks for Kids. Together, they contributed much of the fuel needed to get our kids racing.

Betty Rae's Ice Cream

A Kansas-City destination since 2015, Betty Rae's generously provides much-needed cold treats for our summer Delivery Day events since 2022.

Capstone Insurance Agency in Overland Park KS

Capstone Insurance Agency provides complete insurance services for individuals and businesses in the states of Kansas and Missouri. They represent a wide selection of companies providing property, liability, life, and business products.

Chicane Motorsports

Chicane Motorsports, a European vehicle specialist providing a full range of automotive services, has provided both financial support and a number of skilled volunteers since 2021.

Copaken Brooks

Copaken Brooks, a full-service commercial real estate company, has provided free space for our workshop and discounted space for our build events in the Downtown Underground for the last three years.

The Dunn Family Foundation

The Dunn Family Foundation is a Kansas City-based nonprofit focused on supporting programs that utilize education to build a better society and employ innovative approaches to the use of testing and support materials for educational initiatives.  They have provided financial support since 2023.

Elan Industries

Elan Industries, a manufacturer that designs and produces fine appliance controls for commercial and high-end residential appliances, has provided vital electronic parts for our cars since 2021.

Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank is a fourth-generation, family-owned bank that abides by a simple promise: To create a better future by acting with courage and integrity alongside our customers and in our communities. We stand ready to serve.

Huff Group

Huff Group prides themselves on being ranked the #1 Keller Williams Group in the 5-state Region in addition to being a 100% referral based business.

Hyland Software

Hyland Software, a developer of enterprise content management software, has been a corporate sponsor for the last four years.  They have provided vital funds, and they have hosted our Cleveland Delivery Day since 2022.

JenTer Technologies

JenTer Technologies, a premier heating element producer and wire processor, has provided wiring harnesses for our cars at cost since 2023.

The Kansas City Exotics Car Club

The Kansas City Exotics Car Club, a group of cool car buffs, has been a sponsor for the last two years. They also helped coordinate this year's Delivery Day Celebration and provided a large group of volunteers to staff our test track.

Mariner Wealth Advisors

The Mariner Wealth Advisors, a wealth management firm that provides estate and tax planning, trust services and more, gave LEARN's Geeks for Kids program a substantial grant this year.

Mazuma Credit Union

Mazuma Credit Union's master BBQ team has rolled their food truck out to feed our team twice in the last two years. Yum!

My Source Solutions

My Source Solutions, an outsourcing service, became a corporate sponsor this year. Their volunteers have also played important roles on the Geeks for Kids Design Team and Advisory Board.

The OEC Group

The OEC Group, which provides freight transportation and logistics and information services to over 50,000 customers worldwide, coordinated delivery of the cars for our Cleveland Delivery Day since 2023.

Overland Park Awards

Overland Park Awards, a local company that provides specialized awards in a wide range of styles and materials, has produced license plates for our kids since 2022.

Polo Custom Products

Polo Custom Products, a Kansas company that specializes in industrial sewing, RF welding, and thermoforming needs, has provided finanical support since 2023.


Pololu, a leading provider of robotics and electronics supplies, provided a steep discount on key electronics parts for this year's car

Porsche Kansas City

Porsche Kansas City provided space and planning support for our Kansas City Delivery Day celebrations since 2022. It was an amazing location for the event!

Rotary Clubs

Two local Rotary Clubs - The Downtown Club and The Overland Park South Club - made significant grants to LEARN's Geeks for Kids program this year. They also fielded large crews of volunteers to help with building and delivering the cars.


ServoCity, a leading supplier of robotics and electronics equipment, has provided vital electronics parts for free since 2021.

Shadow Buddies

Shadow Buddies, a nonprofit that provides emotional support to children with serious medical conditions, donated dolls and super hero capes for our 2022 recipients. They also helped plan the 2022 Kansas City Delivery Day Celebration.

Synthesis Solutions

Synthesis Solutions, a web application development company, has provided LEARN and its Geeks for Kids program with free web development, hosting management and marketing services for the last 19 years.

Thad Bell Photography

Thad Bell Photography, a photographer who shoots many of life's special moments, has provided free or discounted services to LEARN's programs for the last 8 years. His photos fill our Yearbooks and this website.

US Logistics

US Logistics worked with the OEC Group to ensure every child at our Cleveland Delivery Day received their car on time and in great condition in 2023.

Wagner Logistics

Wagner Logistics, a top 100 third-party logistics company, delivered our cars to our Kansas City Delivery Day Celebrations since 2022. Their VP of Sales has also played a vital role on the Geeks for Kids Advisory Board.

Waldo Pizza

Waldo Pizza, a renowned local pizza restaurant, has fueled our volunteers through numerous Build Events since 2020.