Go Baby Go!

LEARN was inspired to start building cars for kids at our Geeks vs. Geeks by an initiative called "Go Baby Go!" developed at the University of Delaware.  Go Baby Go!! was founded by Cole Galloway, a neuroscientist, physical therapy professor and infant behavior expert, and Sunil Agrawal, an engineer, both from the University of Delaware. The two professors began by building cool robots to help young children with disabilities, but those cost many tens of thousands of dollars and weighed over 150 pounds. Then, they realized they could achieve many of the same goals by modifying existing, low-cost motorized, toy cars for just a few hundred dollars. Today, there are independent, grassroot branches of this initiative all over the U.S., including one in our hometown that was jointly founded by Rockhurst University and Variety KC.  Thus far, Go Baby Go!! has modified over 5,000 cars for infants and kids.


Go Baby Go!'s mission is to provide mobility and quality of life solutions to the world.  The initiative does this through disruptive innovation, academic research, and community outreach.